Ania Malys

Ania Malys

Height:  169 cm

Weight:  competition 52 kg, off season 57 kg

Year of birth: 1984



  • 1st place IFBB Regional Castellon Bikini 2013

  • 2nd place IFBB National Open Castellon Bikini 2013


  • 10 place Arnold Classic Europe 2014

Weekly training routine:

5 training sessions per week: 45 minutes weight training (each day different group of muscles, leg twice per week) + 30 minutes cardio

What type of cardio do you do:

treadmill or stepper machine

HIIT cardio twice per week

General régime during dieting:

6 meals per day: green carbs (vegetables), lean meat or fish and healthy fats

Dietary supplements you use:

Iso Whey Zero


Amino Acids



Active Woman Multivitamin

Grape Seed

Green Coffee

Favourite workout method:

weight training, short rest periods, supersets